Retail App
Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Flecha L
Source Sans Pro
16 weeks

Brio is a luxurious retail app that is a secondary market towards consumers willing to go over the market price. The goal was to make an app that showcases mid to high end luxury brands as a secondary market. We provide sections for only sustainable products and different small individual creatives who have their own brands. We want this platform to be a base for consumers to discover a variety of clothing, put a spotlight on different small businesses, and satisfy consumer’s desires. The app needed a brand identity that provides access to a luxurious appeal with a minimal and user friendly layout.
In order to get the right brand system I wanted, I conducted interviews, created personas, created napkin sketches, wireframes, app user flows, and a prototype for the app. Brio's brand is distributed through a minimal color system with a cool black and light beige. The logo is a wordmark made with the typeface Flecha, a high contrast font that I used for all my headings. This typeface is paired with Source Sans Pro, a sans serif to match the tallness of Flecha. Key features are the straight forward and user-friendly process of buying products and a dedicated tab to spotlight certain brands and give them notice.   
I created two personas as my target audience, based from my research. My first persona is a DOD Contractor and the second one is a college student. The goal was to get feedback from two individuals with a wide age gap since they would have different needs and considerations.
App User Flow
As a high end brand, it was important to keep the user flow minimal and easy to understand. Considering that most of my research wanted a very user-friendly and clean experience with the app, Brio's key feature would be having a smooth shopping and buying experience.
User Flow: Buying A Product​​​​​​​
Buying Products
A minimal layout transitioned very clean and straight forward prototyping for a simple and user-friendly experience.
Unique User Flow
We were assigned to have a unique user flow in our app. My unique flow was to have a creative spotlight for different brands. It would change everyday and give exposure to different businesses. 
Add to Wishlist and Share
Adding products to wishlist is essential for consumers to have it saved and come back to it later. Adding a sharing function also makes it easier for customer to share their wanted goods.
Full Prototype​​​​​​​

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