Icons for awareness
Campaign Poster
Kidney Donation Awareness 
Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Aktiv Grotesk
5 weeks  
This campaign poster is made to raise awareness on Kidney Donation. The goal is to make an icon that is recognizable on deliverables that shift in size with only a two-color palette. This icon will consist of two combined elements that relate to the social issue and will be applied in an app, sticker, and a poster. 
The icon joyfully combines a present and two kidney's used as negative space. The poster consists of several small gifts surrounding the center icon, symbolizing it as the most important gift of all. This plays along the theme of giving with the slogan, life is a gift, pass it on. The colors used are purple and pink, representing a sense of love and kindness. This is paired with the typeface Aktiv Grotestk, a bold sans serif that gives the slogan good attention. This icon is transitioned into an app icon and a sticker, while still being recognizable when the size gets shifted in scale.

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